SMART provides each child in our program with up to 14 new books each year to take home and keep. Thanks to longstanding relationships with leading publishers, SMART purchases books at a considerable discount. As it’s most cost-effective for SMART to purchase books, we strongly encourage financial donations rather than book donations.

Donate a Book Pack

In addition to 28 weeks of one-on-one literacy support, SMART students receive two new books each month to take home and keep. Sometimes these are the only books in the child’s home. We purchase these take home books at 90% below retail, thanks to a longstanding partnership with a leading publisher. As it’s most cost effective for SMART to purchase books, we encourage financial rather than book donations. Just $40 helps SMART buy new books for one child who needs reading support. Donate a book pack now.

SMART Book Challenge

Each year in March, SMART volunteers across Oregon are invited to participate in a friendly competition. Their task? To see who can get the most books into kids’ hands! Funds raised help purchase books for our next program year. The 2017 Book Challenge ran from March 4 through April 15. Click here to learn more about the SMART Book Challenge.

To learn more about SMART’s book collection, click here.