SMART partners with hundreds of schools and PreK providers across Oregon to deliver our proven reading support program. We actively collaborate with principals and teachers to identify where SMART can align with and support the important work that is happening in the classroom.

With more than two decades of experience refining and improving the process, SMART provides an efficient, high-quality and well-structured volunteer program that delivers results and requires minimal resources from school staff. Our volunteer Site Coordinators provide on-site management and coordination of community volunteers to read one-on-one with students.

Because SMART is funded nearly 100 percent by private sources, we are able to provide this reading support and mentorship service to schools at no cost to the school or district.

How do I get SMART in my school?

Thank you for your interest in bringing SMART to your school community. We would love to work with you to determine if the SMART program is a good fit for your site.

Our program is in high demand, and we strive to ensure that each new site is established with utmost thought and care, focused on meeting our mutual needs and priorities.

Many factors contribute to a successful SMART program, including a strong commitment on the part of school leadership and teachers, and support from the surrounding community to provide volunteers and resources to help the SMART program thrive. A truly successful SMART program happens when there is strong, clear communication between the principal, participating teachers and SMART Site Coordinator with a high level of engagement at all levels.

Click here to learn more about SMART’s new site process. 

SMART Teacher’s Guide

Are you a teacher with SMART in your classroom and interested in learning more about how it works? This guide provides information on the logistics of the SMART reading program. Click here to download the SMART Teacher’s Guide.

SMART Delivery Models

SMART provides a variety of program delivery models to meet the needs of changing and varied school environments. Click here to learn about SMART delivery models.


Featured Partner: Mark Hinthorn

Mark Hinthorn, Newby Elementary Principal, has been involved with SMART since 2005 when he began at Newby. Mark has worked to implement KSMART in all his kinder classrooms, including the school’s Two Way Bilingual Immersion program, to ensure all students have support with their literacy development.