SMART partners with hundreds of schools and PreK providers across Oregon to deliver our proven reading support program. We actively collaborate with principals and teachers to identify where SMART can align with and support the important work that is happening in the classroom.

With more than two decades of experience refining and improving the process, SMART provides an efficient, high-quality and well-structured volunteer program that delivers results and requires minimal resources from school staff. Our volunteer Site Coordinators provide on-site management and coordination of community volunteers to read one-on-one with students.

SMART is funded nearly 100 percent through private supporters. This allows us to provide our program to schools that meet our selection criteria at no cost to the school or district.

SMART School Sponsors are individuals, companies and foundations who help provide the volunteers and financial support needed for individual sites to thrive. Click here to view our current SMART School Sponsors. Our goal is to have all 300 of SMART’s statewide sites sponsored by the 2021-22 school year (our 30th anniversary!). To learn more about our Sponsor a SMART School initiative, or if you know of a company or individual who may be interested in sponsoring your site’s SMART program, please contact Heather Ohta at or 971-634-1610.

Through partnering with SMART, educators can offer extra support for their students to accomplish reading goals. Educators share that their partnership with SMART yields improvements of reading outcomes with their students.

“SMART helped us to create a culture that loves books.”

“I have seen more confidence in my students and excitement about reading.”

“This year my students have the highest reading scores I have had in years.”

“SMART is a chance for the children to have a positive interaction with an adult that is fun and low stress.”

How do I get SMART in my school?

Click here to learn more about SMART’s new site process. 

SMART Delivery Models

SMART provides a variety of program delivery models to meet the needs of changing and varied school environments. Click here to learn about SMART delivery models.