AT&T is one of SMART’s earliest partners in our 24-year history.  In 1998, AT&T had 85 employees who volunteered for SMART, the company purchased the first book of the year and canvas book bags for the 7,100 children who were enrolled in SMART that year, and provided wireless phones and service for SMART regional offices.

In 2015, AT&T donated $25,000 to SMART as part of their education and community leadership initiatives.  “AT&T is proud to be a partner with SMART because we believe strongly in supporting a community that recognizes children’s literacy as the most important stepping stone in a child’s academic career,” says George Granger, president, AT&T Oregon External Affairs.  “We also recognize SMART’s commitment to providing opportunities for volunteerism across the state, and for creating leadership opportunities for those who want to give back to their community.”