Bring SMART to Your Community


Equipped with over two decades of experience implementing a proven, volunteer-driven early literacy program serving Oregon, SMART (Start Making A Reader Today) offers consultation services to support communities in developing and establishing similar programs.

Leading research proves that shared book reading and the availability of books in the home are the strongest predictors of early literacy skills. With this at our core, SMART launched in 1992 to empower Oregon children through reading support and access to books.

Annually, SMART engages and trains 5,000 community volunteers to read one-on-one weekly with over 10,000 preschool and elementary school students in nearly every corner of the state. SMART volunteers model a love of reading and work to foster children’s engagement and enjoyment of reading. Children in the program also choose two new books each month to keep and read with their families. Since our founding, the organization has served over 210,000 children with the help of over 130,000 volunteers, and has given away nearly 3 million books.

Our Consultation Services

SMART has partnered with communities across the country to develop local programs drawing on the success of the SMART model while being tailored to local needs. To do this, we offer a comprehensive series of training modules that support the client in planning, piloting, and implementing the program. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your needs and goals, and to see if SMART’s consultation services may be a fit for you.

To learn more about SMART’s consultation services, contact Alexis James, Program Director,  at (971) 634-1606 or