KSMART is a SMART program model that serves all students within a kindergarten classroom. Students read one-on-one with a volunteer in a 20-minute block. Each volunteer reads with three students per hour. Students choose two books per month to keep.

Model Benefits

  • This model is best for schools that are serving kindergarten students and have literacy block scheduling restrictions, as KSMART can be scheduled as part of the kindergarten instructional literacy block.
  • During KSMART, students are divided into three groups and rotate through three different, 20-minute stations.
  • As one group reads with SMART volunteers, the other two groups can be engaged in other literacy activities.
  • This intense, small-group focus allows for reading and writing activities that are more difficult to do with the entire kindergarten classroom.

What Educators Say About KSMART

“The program gives all of our kindergarten students the opportunity to read with an adult on a one-to-one basis.  This program also helps the kindergarten teacher break the literacy time in the classroom into smaller groups.  This helps our teacher’s ability to provide small group language arts instruction in the classroom.”

Principal, Edwards Elementary, Newberg

“This program has been helpful when teachers struggle with larger class sizes and less time for the individual student.  Not only are the students given a chance to read, the remaining students participate in smaller groups and thus, obtain more individualized instruction.  I would certainly support this program …”

Teacher, Hoover Elementary, Woodburn

SMART Kindergarten Delivery Model